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All About Incense

The historical route of incense continued to follow the pathways of civilization. As Greek thought and culture spread throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, so too did the use of and enchantment of the incense. For those inhabiting the fertile lands of the Nile, perfumes and incense were closely related to eternal life. Frankincense was a costly gift literally "fit for a king," while Bitter Myrrh referred to the bittersweet fate awaiting the messiah. For many years Frankincense from the Arabian peninsula was actually a more valuable currency than gold or silver.

It was Chinese custom to burn incense at funerals and during burial processions, a practice that was later followed in , western European culture. In Japan, Koh (high quality incense) not only does this effectively but also has the power to move, comfort and inspire the user.

The quality, scent and attribute effects of an incense are identified by burning a little pinch of the mixture. Many natural incense ingredients have almost no aroma until they are heated. Notably, Aloes wood as well as many other resins have little or no aroma until they are smoldered over the incense fire. In some cultures it is taught that Spirits, actually transformed the incense.The quality of an incense varies significantly from batch to batch. Adding resins and herbs can change the scent, quality and attribute effects of an incense.

There is also the belief that incense can heal. This is undoubtedly a much later addition that arose in the commercialization of incense, primarily in the last 40 years. Somewhere in the areas of Asia stick incense and cone incenses have their birth. The incense stick was a simple form of incense powder developed to enjoy the smell more easily.

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Francesca Black works in marketing at Organic Items and Aromatherapy Blends leading portals for organic products and essential oils.


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