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The story of Reiki, have been shrouded by myth and fable for decades. Much research has been undertaken to discern the true roots of the beautiful Reiki tradition. Reiki is an ever evolving, flexible and creative form of growth, relaxation and development. Practicing Reiki helps create harmony in the body, giving a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

The Reiki system is not the only factor that determines how the body is attuned to the Reiki energy. The person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the energy as it flows through them.

Hayashi was a respected Reiki Master. He opened a Reiki clinic in Tokyo and kept detailed records of the treatments given. He trained many people in return for working in his clinic, which he started in Tokyo. Hayashi is responsible for the formal aspects of Reiki which are taught today: namely the hand positions and the science-based practices held within Reiki.

Hayashi established the Reiki positions and the three levels of Reiki, devising an initiation for each level. The efficiency with which a person can channel Reiki energy depends on the Reiki initiation. Hayashi to accept the responsibility of preserving Reiki so that it would not be lost as it had been in the past. Hayashi continued on with the work of spreading Reiki and documenting its effectiveness.

There is also speculation that Jesus used a form of Reiki in his miraculous healings. Reiki was introduced to the Western world in the mid-1970s. There are many forms of reiki being practiced now. Reiki has been taught to nurses in specific hospital and clinical settings in the U.S.

When Reiki is given, the recipient lays fully clothed on a couch having removed their shoes (and glasses) first. When receiving Reiki you may feel a warmth or a tingling sensation as the energy flows. The healee has the opportunity to allow the Reiki energy to help heal them. The Reiki practitioner acts as a facilitator for the healing energy to the healee.

Attempts, in any shape or form, to control or own Reiki come from deep misunderstanding of what Reiki means to all of humanity. Many believe she charged high fees to create a feeling of respect for Reiki. One master decided that Reiki was too important a tool to mankind to limit access and charged a more reasonable fee. It seems a shame that a healing energy as loving and beautiful as Reiki should be mired to this extent in politics.

About the Author
Rob Daniels is a long term practitioner of Yoga and Pilates additional articles available at Pilates Shop and Yoga Store

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